Charlie Duke - Apollo 16

On the moon (right) In San Diego (below) and Phoenix
(below right)
Mike Collins Apollo 11 CMP - Bright, funny and all
around likeable guy!
Edgar Mitchell lunar module pilot
Apollo 14 in Phoenix.
Brigid and Buzz Aldrin
Astronauts Apollo astronauts line up Thursday: (from left) Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11; Walt Cunningham,
Apollo 7; Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14; Al Worden, Apollo 15; Charlie Duke, Apollo 16; Jerry Carr, capsule
communicator for Apollo 8 and 12, Vance Brand, Apollo-Soyuz; Bruce McCandless, Apollo and shuttle.
Apollo 40th Anniversary at the Kennedy Space Center July 16, 2009.  
Charlie Duke (bottom), Al Worden (top
right) and Buzz Aldrin (bottom right)