Standing next to my PA-28 181 Archer
Buzz Aldrin
Gene Cernan, Gemini 9, Apollo 11 and
Commander of Apollo 17 and the last man to
walk on the moon.  
(Right) Brigid and I with
Captain Cernan at a dinner in San Diego.  Below in
Phoenix and below that with Apollo 16's Charlie
Duke in KSC.
San Diego 2009
Gene Cernan, Apollo 17
Shane and Brigid hanging with Apollo 11 Astronauts Mike
Collins and Buzz Aldrin in San Diego and Neil Armstrong at
Scott Carpenter - One of the original
Mercury Seven astronauts and the
second American to orbit the Earth.
Alan Bean - lunar module pilot on Apollo 12.  Below left, Alan Bean standing
next to Brigid and I, below right, Alan Bean standing next to Surveyor III
Dave Scott - Commander of Apollo 15
and first man to drive on the moon
The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11  was last year (July 2009) so I thought
that I would put up some pics of astronauts which I have been fortunate
enough to meet.  These guys are true American legend's!
More Astronaut Pics
My Meade 10" LX90